Chiplun Tourism

In the quiet, far away from the city port district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, lies Chiplun, the city that offers you time among mango groves next to the beautiful lake, Vashishti. This town is most known for its white sand beaches and beautiful mango and cashew groves by the Vashishti river.

Chiplun, meaning ‘The abode of Lord Parashurama’ got its name because of the famous temple it houses.  Chiplun also happens to be an industrial town and most people coming to this side tend to go to the River view resort, a popular getaway on weekends.

Places to Visit in Chiplun:

Guhagar Beach

Guhagar Beaches - Ratnagiri - Beaches in Guhagar - Beach near ...

  • Guhagar beach is of the longest beaches in the Konkan region that boasts of its clean and vast stretch of white sand.
  • Guhagar is a city in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra in India, located at an hour’s distance from Chiplun, an ancient city known for its mangoes and coconut.
  • Guhagar beach is picnic spot visited by those who prefer peaceful beaches where they can quietly sit down and relax.

Sawatsada Waterfalls

Chiplun - Weekend Thrill

  • Located close to the Parashuram temple, the Sawatsada waterfall can only be enjoyed during the monsoon season.
  • Almost white in colour, its rippling sound and gushing scene make it a delight for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.
  • Even though you may have to cut down on your visit to a few other places, spending time at Sawatsada ensures you have a great time feeling re energized on your getaway.

Lord Parashurama Temple

Birds eye view of temple from behind the temple - Picture of ...

  • 300 years old and running, with the most perfect mix of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles, the Parashuram temple in Chiplun is dedicated to the 6th incarnation of the Hindu deity.
  • The temple houses 3 idols and is surrounded by stone walls. Behind the temple is another shrine built for Goddess Renuka,
  • Parashuram’s mother. Legend goes that the Bandganga lake at this site was created after Parashuram shot five arrows into the land.

Pandavaas Caves


  • The laterite well built near to the Datta temple is thought to have been built by the Pandavas, and is one of the sites mentioned in many books of books and legends.

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