“Sandy Beaches With Whispering Casuarinas”

Kashid Tourism

A Beach town, popular for its white sand and blue seas situated in Konkan region of Maharashtra, Kashid is the perfect destination for a quiet weekend getaway from Mumbai.

A soothing and calm place in nature’s lap, Kashid is mildly enchanting with its quiet environment and picturesque location. This beach town is known also for its majestic mountains and whispering Casuarinas. A delightful place for those seeking a serene environment, Kashid is has a calm shore that stretches to a vast extent and presents with a spellbound appearance.

Places to Visit in Kashid:

Kashid Beach

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  • Famous for its beautiful white color sand, Kashid is one of the cleanest beaches in north Konkan.
  • The beach is stretched across 3 km and surrounded by shrubs and trees called Casuarina.
  • One can indulge in watersports, go night camping and enjoy the beautiful night sky or just go for horse-riding on the beach.

Revdanda Beach & Fort

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  • The ruins of the Portuguese fort are veiled in wild plantations.
  • What stand out are the cannon holes in the fortification walls that border the sea.
  • Even though the fort is now in ruins, the pure historic charm combined with the nature’s exotic beauty – the Revdanda beach – make this a must visit place.

Phansad Bird Sanctuary

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary Walking Tour

  • Though referred to as a bird sanctuary, the Phansad Bird Sanctuary also houses many amphibians, insects and mammals.
  • This one isn’t flocked with people and hence is a quiet and calm place to visit.
  • The lush greenery and diverse fauna rejuvenates one’s mind.

Korlai Fort

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  • The Korlai Fort is an extensive military fortification primarily occupied by the Portuguese during the 1500’s.
  • Currently, in ruins, the mighty fort stands strong overlooking the vast blue of the Arabian Sea.
  • Built in 1521, on an extension of land (basically an island) shielding the Revdanda creek inlet, the island was once called Morro De Chaul, in which ‘Morro’ translates to a small hill, and ‘Chaul’ refers to a nearby Portuguese-Creole (a dialect called Kristi) speaking village.

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